Tunnel Vision


“The time has come to figure out who you are, and to stop trying to fix stuff that you don’t care about.”

This statement is along the lines of something that I heard a few years ago, and it transformed the way I thought about my life for the better.

In retrospect, when I look back on the countless hours of my life that I wasted in school trying to work out what trigonometry was, or what chemicals made up some molecule or whatever; I realise that I wasted hours, days and months of my precious little life figuring out stuff that I neither cared about, nor was any good at.

But we all have to tick boxes, right? Tick boxes to get qualifications to get blah blah blah.

I say, this is all nonsense.

I, like most other people, felt that as a young person I had to be excellent at a whole bunch of stuff to be worth anything in this world. Well, guess what… That is bullshit.

This is my message. Figure out what you are good at, and get tunnel vision on it. Forget everything else.

Focus solely on the things that you’re good at. I’m not saying that kids in school should fail everything other than drama or science because they hate everything else, but what I am saying is that everyone is good at something. Everyone has a natural gift, and we need to put more stock into that one gift rather than wasting our energies trying to get good at stuff we don’t care about and/or fundamentally weren’t born to do.

You’re not going to solve everything.

Figure out what sets you on fire, what ignites the core of your being, and throw yourself into it with every ounce of energy in your soul.

If you are lucky enough to be good at what you like, do that. And do it bigger and better than anybody else has ever done it before.

What scares me the most? Regret.

One day I know that, if I don’t do what I love, I’ll wake up aged 25, 55 or whatever-5, and realise that it’s too late.

That time will come for everyone.

So let that fear drive you too. It’s a much more constructive fear than trying to live up the expectations of other people who mucked up their lives trying to please others and tick a bunch of boxes to make somebody else happy.

Do you, and do it BIG.



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