7 Tips For Staying Positive

freudDaily life can often offer up a great many challenges. Facing these challenges can often becoming incredibly draining. But the reality is that the people who fight through these negative feelings climb their way to the top.

I haven’t always been a positive person; it has taken a great deal of progress and self-awareness for me to become as optimistic and constructive as I am.

So, here are my 7 Tips For Staying Positive:

1)      Flip the situation.

One of the simplest ways to find positivity through seemingly negative situations is to simply ask better questions. It’s good to constantly check in with yourself when you’re feeling a little negative and consider:

  • What is positive about this circumstance?
  • What opportunities can I find from this situation?
  • What can I do to walk away a better person from this state of affairs?

Remember, you should never try to force optimism upon yourself. That can be incredibly harming in its own way. You must always give yourself time to digest and think over a situation. After all, that is how we grow. But the key is that you come out of the other end of that process ready to find positivity and opportunity.

2)      Cultivate positivity in all aspects of your life.

Do you know people who are just magnets of negativity? Fireballs of destructive energy that instantly bring down your mood to their level?

Yes, so do I!

The slightly harsh truth of it is that you need to get rid of these people’s influence in your life.

There is a famous saying that states:

‘You’re the product of the 5 people you spend most of your time with’.

And it’s totally true.

If you want to be positive, you have to constantly feed yourself with positive energy. Negativity breeds negativity. Quit trying to fix other people’s problems, continuously trying to cheer them up or waste your time advising them, focus on you. You have to be selfish sometimes.

There is a time and a place for helping out people around you by listening to their problems, but every day isn’t one of them.

As you decrease the negative people in your life, you will have more time to be around positive people, and this will rapidly benefit your outlook on everything you encounter day-to-day.

3)      Make your problems what they are, not what you think they are.

As an actor, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of fantastically ambitious and inspiring people. But, like all trades, there are some people who just seem to suck the life from you. I’ve been in so many rehearsals with people who make huge problems out of nothing.

You have to have perspective.

It’s so important not to blow things out of proportion. I am very harsh with myself about this. If ever I feel like the world is against me, I remind myself of literally how insignificant my problems are. I mean, when you really think about it, they are so tiny in the grand scheme of things.

Reducing any problem down to its actual size is so paramount to a positive mind-set that, a failure to do so, would render all other advice I can offer as futile.

It is only by finding perspective that we can find a solution.

4)      Remove ambiguous fears.

As I’ve previously mentioned in another blog, your mind will constantly fight against your drive to do something out of the ordinary. It’s just trying to protect you. But you have to fight against this where appropriate.

There is risk around everything. Life is meant to be a bit dangerous. But sadly, we live in an age where people have become so desensitized to constructive criticism or difficulties, that they take less and less risks.

But remember, risk brings opportunity. So, no matter how hard something seems to be to accomplish, bear in mind the potential reward. Often I consider that, at the very least, I will have grown as a person in one way or another. So I sort of may as well go for it.

As the famous author Peter McWilliams once said:

“To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the greatest mistake of all.”

True that!

5)      Look after yourself.

When I first got to University to study Acting, I was so pumped. I was ready to take on the world. I felt that, to accomplish this, I would need to push myself to the absolute max. I was wrong.

I remember a time when I would work until 4am, get into bed, set my alarm for 8am, and drift off instantly, completely exhausted.

This is totally counterproductive.

Let me be clear about this. If you love sleeping more than you love working and achieving stuff, you’ll always be sleeping and rarely achieving much. But you need to care for yourself.

Habits such as eating well, drinking plenty of water and sleeping for 7-9 hours per night may sound boring. But they are at the heart of productivity.

Despite the popular phrase, remind yourself that there are enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do. But it’s how you approach these tasks that will influence their completion.

6)      Start your day in a positive way.

I cannot tell you how important this is to me. I love the mornings, I love waking up, putting the kettle on, reading a book, watching an inspirational talk, practicing a bit of Russian and getting showered. It’s my morning ritual, and it starts my day off just right.

I can guarantee that beginning your days in a positive way will significantly change the way your day turns out. Begin your day well!

7)      Stay mindful.

When you spend your time living in the present, it becomes much easier to access positive emotions.

When you spend your time worrying about the future, problems can quickly become worse, and grow to be blown out of proportion. I also find that nothing is ever as bad as I anticipate it to be, so it’s never really worth worrying about in the first place.

Have ever kicked yourself for worrying about something for ages which actually turned out to be fine?

I have!

Reconnect yourself constantly to the moment you’re in, and savour it. It might sound small, insignificant and slightly hippy, but it’s true. Living in the present will give you perspective, while also helping you to work out the best solution for any problem.

To conclude…

We see situations as we are, not as they are. So start shaping yourself into a positive and unstoppable beast of success.

After all, the only people who listen to moaners are other moaners.






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