The Ultimate Guide To Altering Your Excuses


Often there are more reasons to give up than reasons to go on. But I always find that the reasons to go on are far more compelling. Personally, the dreams and achievements that I am chasing seem ridiculous and unattainable to most, but as far I see it, the bigger the risk of failure, the bigger the reward at the end. So you may as well chase the reward.

Successful people know this. They don’t sit desperately cursing in excuses and anxieties at a dream which they are too afraid to take on.

We all need a little boost of confidence. And so, in this blog, I hope that I can offer you some assurance, and help to gently nudge you forward in your exciting pursuits towards greatness.

“Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas Edison.

Here are the most common excuses for giving up, and how to alter them:

1)      It isn’t worth the risk.

Whether you like it or not, everything you do has a risk attached to it. But unless you intend on staying at home all the time like dear Prudence in The Beatles song, you need to forget your worry of risk. If you knew that you only had a few weeks left to live, I can guarantee that you’d start taking many more risks than you do now. So start living like that. Your life will become much more exciting.

2)      I don’t have enough time.

I don’t have enough time is easily the most common excuse we use. I find it highly ironic that the people who generally jabber on about their lack of time are often the ones that spend hours of their day watching television, excessively sleeping, and nattering on to their friends.

Successful people don’t waste their energy. Everything they do has a purpose, and consequently they waste much less time than most. When you take away one thing that wastes your time, you’ll notice a significant change in how much time you actually have. If you can manage to take away all or most of your distractions, you’ll find that you can do anything.

3)      I’m not worthy of success.

I strongly believe that you are a product of your thoughts. Everyone is their own creation. There is no denying that some people get dealt a raw deal. But there is also no denying that many of the most successful people in the world today were dealt a poor hand from the get go. So the real trick is to play the hand you have as if it’s the hand you want.

Negativity towards yourself is merely an awful cocktail of doubt and worry playing on your mind that someone else has put there. Don’t live your life by the words of others.

“You yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha.

4)      I don’t know anything about the business.

We live in an age of abundant knowledge that is more readily accessible than food. Successful people utilise this, and they have been doing so for centuries. So cut your learning curve and get reading and learning. Learn about the successful people who you aspire to be like, learn about your craft or business and chase after your dreams.

5)      There are no opportunities.

Truth is: opportunities are everywhere. People who don’t think they can see them generally don’t believe that they exist. If you want to be successful, you need to start seeing the opportunities and researching where and how to find them. If you struggle to find them still, make them yourself.

6)      I am worried about what other people will think of me.

I believe that a fear of being judged and criticised is born out of people’s childhood. When you’re young, you judge everything you do by the opinions of your elders, especially those of your parents. It’s time you start to judge yourself by your own standards; you know in your heart what you need to do.

Someone is always going to be finding fault with something you do. These people’s opinions are often born of either jealousy or hatred. Neither of which are helpful. But if you want to be successful, you need to turn those voices to mute. They are of no service to you.

7)      My goals are massive and feel impossible.

A goal is only impossible if you make it so. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, you need to split your goals in tiny ones. That way, they feel much more attainable.

If, in the history of humankind, nobody had ever had some big goals, we’d all still be sitting around in a forest, unclothed, hungry, cold and muddy. That’s not a bad way to live on a crazy camping trip, but I couldn’t live my life that way. So start shaping the future of humanity, and of yourself. Make those big dreams become big realities.

8)      I am afraid of failure.

You don’t fear failure; you fear the path to success. You fear the peaks and troughs of triumph, and the judgments of others. But the truth is that even the smoothest roads to success have their bumps along the way. Even in Hollywood films. And let’s face it, if you went to see a film about someone becoming successful but everything was handed to them on a plate, you’d find the film incredibly annoying and boring. Don’t you think that you’ll reflect upon your life in the same way?

Don’t fear failure, fear regret. Let that drive you to your dreams.







2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Altering Your Excuses

  1. This post is awesome – I loved every word. We would all be wise to follow your suggestions for altering our reasons ‘not to try’ into reasons ‘to try’.

    Liked by 1 person

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