Top 7 Types of People to Eliminate From Your Existence

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I was considering the other day the huge variation that you find within people’s personalities. I then went on to think about how actually, some people can really sabotage our success. People such as these seem to suck out your energy, positivity and enthusiasm for life. They want to tear you down, and make themselves feel better in the process.

Therefore, in order to be successful and reach your full potential, people such as these need to be eliminated from your life.

Here are the top 10 types of people to eliminate:

1)      The Slobs.

No matter how hard you try, you will always be influenced by everyone you encounter to a varying degree. It’s just part of who we are, and how we grow and learn. So it’s really important to surround yourself with the right kinds of people because, as strong-willed and disciplined as you might think you are, temptation’s a bitch.

Eating rubbish food all the time makes you feel sluggish; you can’t be motivated and driven if you’re feeling sluggish. Desire and passion for life takes a certain kind of energy, to get that energy you need to eat good foods and get good rest. You need to be fit and prepared to achieve your goals for that day.

So if you can’t help the slobs get on track, you’ve got to drop them, or suffer the consequences of not being at your best.

2)      The Busy One’s.

We all know these people. The one’s on their phone, constant messages and emails, never really giving you their full attention when they talk to you. They seem completely unable to find the time to meet you and, if they do, it has to be on their schedule because they’re simply too busy.

If someone is too busy, it usually means one of two things. The first is that they might literally be so disorganised that they are too busy to spare you and time ever. The second is that you are not important to them, at least not enough to give you their time. The second one is a killer too admit, but simply put, drop them. You can’t prove your worth to everyone.

But what if they are disorganised? Well, they need to get their act together. People who muck you around all the time play on your mind; your mind needs to be busy with worrying about your own commitments. You don’t need to waste head space wondering why somebody seems so reluctant to make time for you. So, you either need to tell them to get their act together, or eliminate them.

3)      The I Could’a Been Somebody’s

These people always have something to moan about. Even when things are going right for them in the present, they spend all their time complaining about the past. Hanging around with people like this will make you lose your optimism, and possibly your mind.

Everyone faces problems and headship. Death, loss, finance, heath; these are worries for all of us. These sorts of people seem to think that they don’t happen to everyone, and that the majority of us are in some way blessed and therefore lucky. Don’t let people like that drab you down and tarnish your optimism and ambition.

4)      The Liars.

“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” Abraham Lincoln.

You network is determined by your net worth, liars poison your network. Lying is downward spiral that liars are caught in to constantly cover up their lies. There are not bypasses or detours to success, you’ve got to work and honestly and productively. Liars don’t understand this. Don’t be sucked in to their way of thinking.

5)      The Show Off.

These are the people with the overinflated ego. The ones who see themselves as the flawless, perfect gift from God, sent to rise above all other mankind.

Nobody cares about how much your care costs, how big your house is, what your salary is, or where you studied. People buy people, and all they care about is what you can bring to the table as a person. The rest is meaningless.

You mustn’t be sucked in by these people, they will damage your principles and you will begin to emulate their standards.

6)      The All Talk No Actioner’s.

Everyone can talk a good game. Everyone can do bits and pieces here and there, but it is only the ones who take action that actually get anywhere.

We all have people around us like this. They know what they need to be, but they don’t ever do it. They are simply lazy. The problem with these people is they believe that they have all the answers. They don’t take action; they laze around and make excuses. Then, when they fail, they don’t learn. They just continue to not take action.

We are all influenced by these people. Suddenly we find that we are brilliant and talking the talk, but never do any walking. We get really good and talking a good game.

I know so many people like this. Don’t hang out with these people. Take risks, take action and achieve stuff. Until these people start doing the same… delete.

7)      The Negative Ones.

These are the people who constantly live in fear of a crisis. The big problem with this is that places and people experience crisis. We have up’s and down’s. But if we had no crisis, we’d have neither. Sometimes things need to go wrong for them to get better, and for you to learn. After all, learning is what life is about.

There is always a chance of nuclear war or natural disaster. But we shouldn’t be living in fear of these things constantly, we need to make the best of the day that we have. Nothing is guaranteed for tomorrow, so make the best of your day. And do it with the influence of the right people being around you.









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