Top 5 Traits of 6-Figure Earners


It’s easy to differentiate the people with mediocre ambition from the ones with that magnificent, ultra-compelling spark which seems to capture the spirits and minds of the brilliant few. But for many, it’s hard to see how these brilliant attitudes and behaviours can be implemented into our own lives.

It’s time to bring in the urgency, to release the flames of determination from your underbelly. To give yourself a mighty good kick up the arse. As we have previously discussed, growth and progress begins in the mind. However, this is where the journey ends for many of us. We read the books, we learn the stuff, but we don’t actually ever do all of it.

Life is a game. Personally, I like to imagine my life as a sort of tactical game, like war, but far less frightening.

Here are the top 5 simple and tactical ways by which you can replicate the behaviours and habits of all 6-figure earners, today!

1)      The Vision

Do you ever fantasize about your future self and the life that you want to one day lead? I hope you do! A vision is vital. You need to know exactly where you’re heading, partly so that you stay on track, but mostly to maintain your motivation. You need to know where you’re heading in order to ensure that you’re doing the correct things now.

To have a vision isn’t just to have an image of yourself in your head lazing around by a pool with a cocktail, draped in a smoking-jacket made entirely of £50 notes. A vision must be physical. It must be something which you can draw upon each and every day, despite being hung over, miserable, ill or side-tracked. Be that a picture, or some form of written material. It must be tangible to you in some way. Remember, your vision should resonate with your true passions, and must be so compelling that it drives you into action each and every single day. Once you have this clear vision in mind, everything else will start falling into place.

2)      The Urgency.

Once you have the vision, you must have the determination to deliver the results. I don’t want to be 80 by the time I’m sitting by that pool draped in my £50 notes. I want to see results today! I want to look back on my life in a year or two and be surprised at just how far I’ve come! To achieve this, I must have urgency, and so must you. Don’t faff around. Don’t sit about moping, waiting for stuff to happen or, I hate this one, for “the right time to come” because, as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, there won’t be a right time!

Everything you do, from updating your social media to closing a massive business deal needs to be done with urgency, as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is not to say that you should always be working or that life should be a big rush, but it is to say that, if your dreams matters to you, you shouldn’t be staring at the wall, you shouldn’t be sleeping for 10 hours every night, you shouldn’t be farting around cleaning the bathroom for the 20th time this week, you should be getting your shit done! Successful people are always two steps ahead of their competition. If you’re not moving with urgency, you’re already 10-20 steps behind where you should be.

“Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.” Jim Rohn.

3)      Multiple Income Streams.

So, you’ve got your vision and your sense of urgency. Now comes the fun bit, figuring out how to turn that into gold. The key thing that I have observed about many of the world’s richest people is that they generate multiple streams of income, and many of them do so in a short space of time. Within a year, many people manage to create a number of businesses which run and make good money. So how do you get a place where this is possible? Well, the key thing here is to turn your hobbies into gold. If you’re into something which you think could earn you some money, which you’d be doing anyway, throw yourself into it and do it. Turn it into a business. The advantage here is that, while you have multiple income streams, you will never be relying on once source of income, and will have plenty of things going on to keep you busy and financially stable.

The average millionaire has seven income streams! You must make sure you have mastered one before you begin another, but, in time, you can grow your empire just like other 6-figure salary earners have.

4)      Excellence.

Having multiple-income streams means that everything you do must be produced with absolute excellence. It must be well-planned, well-thought out and executed brilliantly. You need to get into the mind-set of you name being worth something, and if you put your name to something which isn’t of an excellent standard, you damage your brand.

Don’t put your name to mediocre and inanely useless material. if you do, people won’t buy into you in the future. Ensure that you’re always growing, improving, experimenting and getting better. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make mistakes. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but you must learn from them, and fast. This is how you grow quickly; find solutions and better your brand. I like to imagine that I am a scientist sometimes; I like to experiment with different things. It’s useful to test whether certain pictures, blogs or quotes I post for instance get more views, and to try to understand why that is. I like to watch my acting work back, to figure out why my acting can be either captivating or dull, and how to improve my game. You must experiment. The chances are that for every 12 things you do wrong, you might get one thing right. But it’s important to bear in mind that you only need to do one thing right, because that thing could change your business and income, forever.

Pay attention to everything. You must be fiercely selective with what you choose to do, and whom you choose to work with. Everything must be cloaked with excellence.

“Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.” Ralph Marston.

5)      Value The Present.

If you have all of these first 4 things down and implemented into your life, you’re a bit of a beast to be honest. Achieving all of these things is not by any means easy. But now it’s time to leave the competition trailing in dust, and to run ahead and join the few who are leading the way. Not only must you leave behind those who are trailing behind, but you must also leave behind yourself. The person you were yesterday is not the person you are today.

You must grab the present. You don’t need me to tell you how short life is, as if I’m some spiritual leader, we all know it. So make every single day count. Track your progress and keep the wheels moving, in doing so, you will become a master of your life.

My challenge to you for the future is to forget about the latest video games, movies, sports news and TV shows, and to start producing stuff! If what you’re doing right now is not driving you towards your original vision of success, don’t do it. If you’re truly serious about success, the rest of your life will be dedicated to these 5 things alone.

Once you appreciate the importance of the present, the rest becomes history. Cut the learning curve and get to work, you have all the tools you need.


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