9 Deadly Demons That Your Utmost Inspirations Have Dropped


It’s worth considering what successful people are doing differently to you behind closed doors. I think it’s tough, especially with our friends, to judge truly how smart and hard people are working behind the scenes. In my experience, people either underplay the intensity of their gameplay and work ethic, or they overplay it. The latter are not usually the inspirational ones. But what are the former doing that’s so different to you? You know these people who you meet up with every few weeks that always seem to have some new project on the horizon, or some brilliant new scheme they’re developing? Or that film star that seems to be an entrepreneur one week, activist the next, and then starring in an upcoming blockbuster film later that year. You just sit there watching them make headlines on the TV in you pyjamas with your dry cereal and broken dreams. Or you pace in amazement as, over the phone, your friend relays to you all of these wonderful new ventures which he has begun that are making him money, offering him opportunities, and introducing him to the sorts of awesome people who you can only dream of meeting.

Here is one thing which everyone needs to get into their head: Successful people ALWAYS work hard. Laziness, idle behaviour and a wait-for-the-phone-to-ring mentality will rarely equate to either financial gain or persuasive prowess in the marketplace. Furthermore, they think differently to you, they read different things to you, they speak differently, and they make different moves to you. They are consumed in every way, every day, by a life-force and advanced awareness which you are not yet accessing.

It’s time to divorce yourself from your looser friends and the mentality of a minor player and to marry yourself up to the ones who know what they’re doing. Cut the crap! These are the 9 deadly demons that your successful friends and idles have dropped:

1)      They didn’t lose their teenage tenacity of believing that THEY can change the world.

My brother is 16 and completely convinced that he can do wonderful things in his life to change the world for the better. I love talking to him. He reminds me of what self-confidence and true wholehearted tenacity really is. Most of us lose this. We become so consumed by the worries and practicalities of life that by the time we leave higher education, we soon find ourselves stuck in a pay check to pay check rut, usually before we reach our mid-20s.

Your successful friends and idles have never lost their persistence and determination to change the world. Your successful friends and idles believe that, it’s not where you are born or where you study that sets you on a course to change the world, it’s you. Quite simply they recognise that all of us have the ability to do something incredible.

They don’t need anyone to tell them that they are worthy of success, they just take it anyway. They do this by being resilient, hardworking, smart working and fearless.

2)      They know that luck is for schmucks.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Samuel Goldwyn.

Replace the word luck with “work” and you’ll change your life. Successful people know this, and the above quote sums it up beautifully. Luck doesn’t exist. The only opportunities which so-called ‘lucky people’ fall into are ones which they attracted for themselves.

Get out there and work your ass off; you’ll soon notice that you’re getting a lot luckier.

3)      They don’t associate with negative people.

More than anything, successful people have left behind losers, moaners, and low-lives and swapped them for power house geniuses who bulldoze and sprint through their problems and uphill struggles.

The only time that successful people will associate with negative people is when they are seeking advice to turn their lives around. Aside from that instance, successful people stay well clear.

Don’t let negative people tell you how the world is meant to be. Go out there and make the world your own.

4)      They don’t time waste.

Your successful friends really struggle to find the time to procrastinate. They have a goal, a dream, and a set of ideals which keep them very busy all day long. For them, every moment of life is precious and special. Every hour of every day is a magnificent opportunity to rise higher and higher above the noise of the masses.

When your successful friends are old, they aspire to look back on their life and to be proud of how much they have accomplished, how much they changed the world, and how their legacy will live on for generations to come.

Utilise every cell in your body. Don’t waste time all the time; understand that life’s time is limited, but that its opportunities are infinite.

5)      They’ve given up on consuming and wasting.

Successful people spend so much time doing things. They don’t have the time to sit about on You Tube watching other people do things which they can currently only dream of. They don’t waste one jot of their time. Don’t get me wrong, spending time with your friends and family is NOT time-wasting, successful people have tons of fun too. The quality of their fun is high; the quantity of their fun is fractionally reduced though because they appreciate that in order to facilitate their dreams and goals, they must work.

As a rule of thumb, try to feel like you’re being constructive throughout a lot of the day. You don’t need to graft all day, but for the most part of most day, you should feel like you’re making moves. If this sounds too tough, you probably aren’t serious enough about being successful.

Not only do successful people not waste their time and energy, but they also don’t waste their money and consume everything they earn. They invest. Get into the habit of investing your time, energy and money constructively. Invest in yourself too. Read lots of good books and educate yourself. Invest in seeing friends, invest in relationships, and watch the bountiful rewards follow.

6)      They’ve cut the BS.

“Double down on what works, cut the rest.” Tai Lopez.

Life is packed so full of meaningless nonsense which successful people swiftly cut out. Redundant news or trivial television is promptly cut. Endless meetings about nothing are cut. People who only serve their own egos and self-interests are cut. Being successful is about focusing on what works and cutting through the BS.

Moreover, don’t put up with your own BS. Cut that out too.

7)      They’ve also cut the corporate mask.

People buy people; successful people understand this. Successful people are happy to be vulnerable at appropriate moments and to share their stories in order to better their business. Being fake is a crime to yourself, and to those around you. It is your duty as an individual in a free land to use yourself as your brand. You don’t need a mask. Successful people understand this. Allow yourself to shine through; don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you do, you’ll either get found out, or go stir-crazy.

8)      They’ve given up on listening to other people’s opinions on them.

Your successful friends and idles couldn’t give a flaming f**k about what anyone thinks about them. They have no intention of proving anything to anyone other than themselves. They strive only to impress themselves with their achievements. Because of this, they’re fearless; they’re prepared to fail. They then get up and move promptly on, stronger than ever.

9)      They have given up on giving up.

“If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up. Never surrender, and rise up against the odds.” Jesse Jackson.

The final thing that your successful friends and idles have given up on is giving up. They’ve realised that results can take time, recognition needs to be earned and, no matter how bleak things may apparently look, opportunity is usually just around the corner.

To earn the title of “successful” you have to push through struggle. It’s hard, it’s tiring and the game seems long, but if it really matters that much to you, it will be worth it in the end.

Let your passion for your ambitions push you on.

Are you ready to get rid of these 9 things? If so, you’re in for a fun and fulfilling ride.






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