Top Tips I’ve Learned From Gary Vaynerchuk


I stumbled across Gary Vaynerchuk through You Tube around 2 months ago. I love watching inspirational videos and his videos had been constantly popping up as a recommended channel to check out. I finally caved in and decided to see what the guy was all about. This week I had the chance to read his book ‘Crush It’, I settled down to read it for a bit at the start of the start of the day and, before I knew it, I’d finished reading the whole thing. The book is incredibly engaging and indelibly useful. I would highly recommend it.

I can honestly say that watching his videos blew my socks off. I have never seen so much passion and energy in someone. I found him instantly compelling to watch and learn from. He is completely unapologetic or filtered. He is the epitome of passion and ambition. I was instantly engaged by his honesty too; it’s always a rollercoaster when you watch him. He brings you back down to earth, slaps you round the face, hugs you, and then kicks you up the backside and sends you on your way again.

Some might argue that he is too aggressive, but that is simply not true. People misinterpret the passion and care he has for his viewers as aggression. Through my experiences while watching him I have learned so much, and I feel truly enlightened by him. To get the full picture of how dynamic and astute this guy is, you’ll need to check him out. For now, I have drawn up a list of 4 themes and key values for success in business and life which he talks about the most. I am very excited to share them with you.

Here are 4 top tips from Gary Vaynerchuk:

1)      Self-Awareness

One of Gary Vaynerchuk’s best qualities is that he truly knows himself; he understands his strengths and weaknesses. He opened my mind to the idea that I should understand my own strengths and weaknesses and capitalise on them. As a child he says that he struggled with exams and test papers but knew that he had brilliant interpersonal skills, and so he went into sales. He often refers to the significance of taking advantage of your DNA in business, and this is what he did.

He instilled in me the importance of doubling down on your skills and subcontracting people to help you with stuff you are not naturally so good at. He encourages you to accept that you can’t be brilliant at everything. This is quite relieving and eye-opening advice to receive as we’re often made to feel as though we need to be incredible at everything in order to amount to anything, which simply isn’t the case. So, are you working to your strengths?

2)      Regret.

“Skills are cheap, passion is priceless.” Gary Vaynerchuk.

I would say that regret is personally the one thing that I fear the most.  Gary Vaynerchuk emphasises this numerous times in his talks; the pain of not taking action over the pain of taking action. Don’t wait for tomorrow, there will never be a better time. He reminds you constantly that there will never be a better time to do stuff than right now. He reminds you continuously that we’re all getting older, we’re all going to lose our energy and that even our physical ability to accomplish the task which we set ourselves will slowly diminish. When it does, it will then be too late. So take action now!

3)      Hustle.

“There no longer has to be a difference between what you do and who you are.” Gary Vaynerchuk.

This is the big one; this is what it all comes down too in the end. For Gary, if you want to become anything, be it a champion athlete or a billion dollar business owner, it all comes down to the hustle! If you’re wasting time watching endless TV programmes or drinking yourself silly every other day, you’re not hustling. Hustling is working, relentlessly, unceasingly going until you have done all that you can do, and then doing it again.

Becoming successful always takes work. I spoke about this briefly in some of my previous blogs but it wasn’t until I checked out Gary Vaynerchuk’s channel that I truly understood the value of hard work or ‘hustle.’ This literally means sacrificing anything to do what needs to be done. Be that sacrificing time with your friends or losing out on a bit of sleep. Gary says, “While you’re sleeping, I’m grinding.” His fantastic work ethic and hustle mentality is what took his Dad’s wine business in the stratosphere and it now earns over $60 million per year. So the guys practices what he preaches, and it clearly pays off.

4)      Gratitude.

This is the final and most heart-warming of all of the key messages I have gained from watching Gary talk. It is also a real kick up the arse. I am personally privileged enough to be a free man, from a middle-class household in England. I have not been born into poverty and I am not segregated in society because of my race, gender or sexuality. It is my firm belief that being segregated or being given less opportunity because of any of these things sucks, it’s completely unfair. But as Gary emphasises numerous times, the world we live in right now offers more people more opportunity than ever in history. We live in a golden era. Three generations ago my ancestors were down in dingy Welsh mines fumbling around in the dark earning just enough money to get by. Thankfully, I don’t live in that world because, if I did, I couldn’t do this. And if anyone reading this were alive just a few generations ago, they wouldn’t even be able to access this knowledge or the knowledge and insights that you will inevitably gain when you check out Gary’s channel. So, no matter what your situation is, be grateful for what you have, don’t complain, just capitalise upon what you’re good at and stop at nothing to be everything you can be. Play the hand you were dealt like it was the hand you wanted. It might seem hard, but it can, is and will continue to be done no matter what your odds are.

So these are the 4 key concepts which I have picked up on. There are so many more and, although they are simple, they are damn hard to execute! But the best thing to do is to start today, check this guy out regularly and get a healthy boost of motivation and insight. I like watching him most over my breakfast; it’s a brilliant start to the day!

Check him out:

What is your favourite thing about Gary Vaynerchuk? Leave your thoughts below!



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